Pepe’sSpellingSorts 1-24


Helpful Hints:
“CVC” means consonant vowel consonant
“CVCe” means consonant vowel consonant with a silent “e” at the end
“CVVC” means consonant vowel vowel consonant
* means homophone. A Homophone is a word that sounds the same but has two different meanings (example: “Rome” and “roam” or “blue” and “blue)
“Short vowel” a vowel that doesn’t “say its name” (example: a in cat, e in pen, i in kit, o in pot, and u in cup)
“Long vowel” a vowel that “says its name” (example a in cape, e in keep, i in site, o in cope, or u in cute)

Explanation of Sorts:
Spelling sorts are grouped by spelling features. Features are indicated in BOLD. An example of a feature for sort 7: Short a vs Long a