Field Trips:
Field Trip: May 9th to Lewis Family Playhouse. Chaperones were already chosen during "Back to School Night." I placed field trip permisssion slips in Homework Folders. Please sign and return!*If your child will not be joining us, then please email me to let me know! :) **Chaperones will be chosen during Back to School Night*
Next field trip: Lewis Family Playhouse on May 9th :)

Santa Ana Zoo on February 6th :)

Riley’s Farms
Santa Ana Zoo
Lewis Family Playhouse

I will keep you informed about any trips we will take this year through notes home, email, and on my class Wiki. We will take exciting field trips to enhance our curriculum. We will be visiting the Santa Ana Zoo, Riley’s Farm, and the Lewis Family Playhouse. I would love to give every parent an opportunity to chaperone on these field trips. Permission slips will be sent home well in advance. Parents signed up to chaperone during Back to School Night in August. However, if a parent has already attended the trip, then I will give other parents that have not attended an opportunity to come so everyone has a chance to join in the fun :)