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Our classroom will be a Christ-centered environment where we will work together and encourage academic excellence, cooperation, and creativity.

All students will participate in the learning process and take responsibility in achieving their goals.

Students are expected to follow the agreed upon rules and procedures. I believe that every student deserves an opportunity to improve their behavior and have a great day at school. Our classroom has a chart labeled: outstanding, great job, ready to learn, think about it, teacher's choice, parent contact. Every student will start the day at "ready to learn." If a student misbehaves then their clip will move down. If a student lands on "teacher's choice" then I will choose an appropriate consequence. For example, if a student isn't staying on task, then he/she will have to do their work during recess or if a student is treating another student poorly, then he/she will have to write a letter of apology to that student.

If a student is doing an exceptional job and displaying great behavior, then their clip will be moved up. A student can move along this chart throughout the day depending on their behavior. If a student lands on "outstanding" at the end of the day, then they will be rewarded with a stamp on their reward sheet. After a student accumulates a certain number of stamps, then they can exchange their reward sheet for a prize!